On November 11, 2018, we celebrated the 100th anniversary of Armistice Day and the end of World War I.

26 Peabody men lost their lives serving their country during this conflict:

Fedor Borovik, Michael J. Burke, Eugene F. Connelly, Daniel Augustus Driscoll, John James Durkin, Franklin Jewett Farnsworth, John J. Hourihan, Charles James Howley, Daniel Francis Keefe, Peter Kosranis, Frank F. Martinack, Peter Alfred McDonough, Leroy Edmund Nelson, George Linwood Nickerson, James O’Connell, William Henry O’Connell, Gregory Paleologos, William J. Quinlan, Arthur Francis Tracey, George Eaton Tracey, Ksenofonm Uvanor, Harold G. Van Norden, Thomas Francis Walsh and Delmar Joseph Warner.

Above is a photograph of Peabody Square on this momentous day in 1918.

Imagine that day. A local press reports, “The news of the Armistice was brought to Peabody at 6am, and it was announced 11am Paris time. All the factory whistles in Peabody, the fire alarms and the church bells were used to announce the Armistice. The celebrations continued on the following day until late in the evening. There was no school, and factories and stories remained closed. The parade had over 3,000 in line.”