Premiering on Monday March 4th, at 8:00 PM, on Smithsonian Channel.

We are excited to announce that the Peabody Historical Society & Museum will be featured in a documentary, premiering on the Smithsonian Channel on Monday evening. In conjunction with a team of historians, Curator Kelly Daniell worked to uncover answers to questions that endure about the physical locations associated with the Salem witch hunt.

 As many of our members know, modern day Peabody was once historic Salem Village, in which many of the events of 1692 played out. The Smithsonian Channel filmed scenes at the Felton-Smith Historic Site, as well as inside the archives of the PHS. Our contributions to the documentary included the story of witch trial victim John Proctor, and his legacy and potential burial site within Peabody.

In 1692, the townspeople of Salem, Massachusetts found themselves in a panic over witchcraft. But after several months, the paranoia and violence ended almost as quickly as it began. All trials were halted, publications about the terror were officially banned, and the location of the execution site vanished from any records. Today, a group of historians uncover new information about the infamous witch hunt in an effort to answer its most enduring mysteries.